SARG 2023

The South Asia Summer Reading Group (SARG) is an informal organization of individuals with an interest in the politics of South Asia. Over the course of this summer, we will be reading new books on South Asian politics. Each week, one member of the group will review a book, with the review to be posted on the Center for Contemporary India website.

We encourage you to read along with us, and to post your comments on the books on Twitter with SARG Twitter handle (@readsouthasia ) and with the hashtag #SARG23.

We have nine books and the reviews/discussions will run from the week of July 9 through early September. The schedule is posted below. Reviews will be posted directly underneath the respective book’s title. Clicking on the book title will direct you to Amazon or another resource where you can find the book.

We look forward to another summer of great reading on the politics of South Asia!

  1. Niloufer Siddiqui  | Under the Gun: Political Parties and Violence in Pakistan
    REVIEWER: Fahd Humayun
    DISCUSSANT: Sarah Thompson​
    REVIEW PUBLISHED: July 9​, 2023
    ONLINE DISCUSSION: ​July 12​, 2023​

  2. REVIEWER: Rumela Sen
    DISCUSSANT:  ​Basil Bastaki  
    REVIEW PUBLISHED: ​July 16​, 2023​ 
    ONLINE DISCUSSION: July 19​, 2023​​

  3. DISCUSSANT: Priyadarshi Amar​  ​ 
    REVIEW PUBLISHED: ​July 23, 2023​​
    ONLINE DISCUSSION: ​July 26, 2023​​

  4. Akshay Mangla​ | ​Making Bureaucracy Work: Norms, Education and Public Service Delivery in Rural India
    REVIEWER: Bhumi Purohit​ ​
    DISCUSSANT: Tanya Vaidya​  ​ 
    REVIEW PUBLISHED: ​July 30, 2023​ 
    ONLINE DISCUSSION: ​August 2, 2023​​

  5. Shailaja Paik​ ​| The Vulgarity of Caste​: Dalits, Sexuality, and Humanity in Modern India
    REVIEWER: Vatsal Naresh​ ​​
    DISCUSSANT: Chetana Sabnis ​ 
    REVIEW PUBLISHED: ​August ​6, 2023​
    ONLINE DISCUSSION: ​August ​9, 2023​

  6. Yasser Qureshi​​ | ​Seeing Supremacy: The Pursuit of Judicial Power in Pakistan
    REVIEWER: Rehan Jamil​ ​​
    DISCUSSANT: Christopher Clary​ ​ 
    REVIEW PUBLISHED: ​August 13, 2023​
    ONLINE DISCUSSION: ​August ​16, 2023​

  7. Abhishek Choudhary​ | ​​Vajpayee: The Ascent of the Hindu Right​ ​
    REVIEWER: Anirvan Chowdhury​ ​​
    DISCUSSANT: Megan Maxwell ​ 
    REVIEW PUBLISHED: ​​August 20, 2023
    ONLINE DISCUSSION: ​​August ​23, 2023

  8. Nikhil Menon​ | ​Planning Democracy: Modern India's Quest for Development
    REVIEWER: Rob Jenkins​ ​
    DISCUSSANT: Sharik Laliwala  ​
    REVIEW PUBLISHED: ​​August 27, 2023
    ONLINE DISCUSSION: ​​August 30, 2023

  9. Christopher Clary​ | ​The Difficult Politics of Peace: Rivalry in Modern South Asia
    REVIEWER: Asfandyar Mir​ ​
    DISCUSSANT: Tusharika Deka ​ 
    REVIEW PUBLISHED: ​​September 1, 2023
    ONLINE DISCUSSION: ​​September 5, 2023
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