CCI Awardees



Rapid Research Grant 

Ananya Tiwari (Masters in Journalism: UC Berkeley. Class of 2023)
ProjectDecoding the aftermath of India's farmers' protests on voting patterns
Surili Sheth (PhD Candidate in Political Science, UC Berkeley)
Project: The politics of compromise: the adjudication of women's disputes in India
Pratiti (Masters Candidate, Graduate Group in Asian Studies)
Projects: a) 
The Bizarre in the City: Science, Nature and Narrative in Calcutta, b) How Tintin became Bengali? Herge's afterwork in India.
Pranav Gupta (PhD Candidate in Political Science, UC Berkeley)
Project: How Ideas Spread: Ideological Diffusion in India
Dissertation Research Grant Payal Hathi (PhD, Demography & Sociology)
ProjectImproving stillbirth measurement by understanding the production of stillbirth statistics in India


Rapid Research Grant 

Anirvan Chowdhury (PhD Student, Political Science UC Berkeley)
Project: How do Political Parties Mobilize Women? Theory and Evidence from India
Tamara Kerzhner (PhD Student, City & Regional Planning, UC Berkeley)
Project: Women’s Fare-Free Public Transport in New Delhi : Empowerment, Equity and the Mobility of Care
Gauthami Penakalapati (PhD Student, Energy & Resourse Group, UC Berkeley)
Project: Encoding empowerment: a systematic review of women’s and adolescent empowerment programs in South Asia from 2000 to present day 
Bhumi Purohit (PhD Student, Political Science, UC Berkeley)
Project: Laments of Getting Things Done: The Case of Female Politicians and Bureaucrats in India
María Villalpando (MDP Candidate, Development Practice, UC Berkeley)
ProjectCommunity seed banks for sustainable rural livelihoods in Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary
Dissertation Research Grant Ritika Goel (PhD Student, Political Science)
Alli Appelbaum (PhD Student, City & Regional Planning)
Pr oject:
Luisa Cefala (PhD Student, Economics)
Project: Social Image Concerns and Labor Supply among Indian Urban Casual Laborers
Kailey Ferger (PhD Student, Computational Biology)