India Politics Workshop

The First Annual Indian Politics Workshop of the Center on Contemporary India (CCI)
May 3 - 6, 2021
University of California, Berkeley (Via Zoom) 

Mon, May 3 9-9:10 am Introduction
9:10-10:30 am Dimensions of Women’s Participation

Panel Chair
Simon Chauchard, Leiden University
Gendered Networks and the Patriarchal Household
Can Female Politicians Get Work Done? Evidence of Implicit and Explicit Bias from Bureaucrats in India
Left-Behind or Left-Ahead? Implications of Male Migration on Women’s Political Behavior in India
10:45-12 pm When Women Do(n’t) Participate

Panel Chair
Tanushree Goyal, Harvard 
The Gender Turnout Gap Revisited: When Do Women Participate (Un)Equally in the Electoral Process? "
The Perceptions of Social Norms within Social Networks: An Experiment on Female Political Participation in Pakistan
Mobilizing at the booth: How female politicians increase female turnout
Tue, May 4 9-10:30 am Mobilizing Female Voters

Panel Chair
Nikhar Gaikwad, Columbia University
Mobilizing Women at Scale: Mixed Evidence from a Field  Experiment
Being Seen by the State: Cash Transfers and Women’s Political Participation in Pakistan
The Empty Promise of Urbanization: Gendered Patterns of Political Participation in Pakistan
Can Party Elites Shape the Rank and File? Evidence from a Recruitment Campaign in India
10:45-12 pm Widening Our View

Panel Chair

Pavitha Suryanarayan, SAIS Johns Hopkins
Climate Shocks & Gendered Political Engagement in Bangladesh
Between Women and the State:  Rights Brokers and Capital Accumulation in West Bengal 
How did East Asia overtake South Asia?
Wed, May 5     9-10:30 am Keynote Panel
Current Affairs 

Panel Moderator
Jennifer Bussell, UC Berkeley
Current Affairs Video
10:45-12:15 pm   Varieties of Female Politicians  

Panel Chair
Bhumi Purohit, UC Berkeley
Are Quotas In Two Dimensions Better than One? Intersectional Representation & Group Relations in India Varieties of Female Politicians Video
Local female representation as a pathway to power: A natural experiment in India 
The Gendered Dimensions of Political Ambition
Why Voters Discriminate Against Women Candidates: The Role of Parties
Thu, May 6 9-10:15 am  Keynote PanelConversations with Public Leaders

Panel Moderator
Jennifer Bussell, UC Berkeley
Conversations with Public Leaders Video
10:30-11:45 am   Women Between the Votes  

Panel Chair
Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner, University of Virginia
Seeing like a State or Seeing the State? A Qualitative Study of a Government Program to Support Women’s Self-Help Groups in Madhya Pradesh, India Women Between the Votes Video
Who's Watching? Observer Effects in Public Opinion Research
Time in Office and the Changing Gender Gap in Dishonesty: Evidence from Local Politics in India
11:45-12 pm Closing Discussion All participants 

[1] Closed format indicates panel will be invite only; open indicates panel will be advertised and open to the public
[2] * Indicates Presenter